Postcards From Rome: Where To Eat

“Rome! By all means, Rome. I will cherish my visit here in memory as long as I live.”

-Princess Ann, Played by Audrey Hepburn in Roman Holiday

Like Audrey said in Roman Holiday, Rome is a place that will stay with you long after you have left. The history, the architecture, the art, but also the delicious food and charming restaurants throughout the city will leave you longing for more after you’ve left. I’m excited to share with you today some of our favorite places from our stay in Rome. If you make it to The Eternal City, I hope you have the chance to try some of them out!

Life Changing Pasta at Al Moro

Life Changing Pasta at Al Moro

Favorite Place For Dinner: Al Moro

If you only go to one restaurant your whole time in Rome, make it Al Moro! Located a few blocks away from the Trevi Fountain, Al Moro was hands down our best meal in Rome (and just possibly of all time…). The restaurant was filled with both native Romans and visitors alike. In addition to the fantastic food, the wait staff was amazing. They were some of the friendliest we encountered in Rome- very attentive and gave fabulous recommendations.

At Al Moro, you must order the Spaghetti Al Moro. This dish of pasta, egg yolk, cheese, pancetta and red pepper was literally a life-changing pasta experience. Don’t confuse this with some carbonara you may have had before- I can promise you this is like nothing you have ever had before. Order it, you won’t be sorry! In addition to the spaghetti, all of our other food at Al Moro was fantastic. While MJD’s  favorite was the baby lamb, I also loved the veal stuffed zucchini with tender veal meatballs on the side. I can’t wait until we get to go back to Al Moro!

Hotel Eden's Gorgeous Views

Hotel Eden’s Gorgeous Views

Favorite Place for Drinks With a View: The Hotel Eden Rooftop

As you can see from this picture, the view from Hotel Eden’s rooftop restaurant and bar is breathtaking. It overlooks the entire city of Rome and also has a great view of the magnificent dome of St Peter’s. The Hotel Eden roof is the perfect spot for a pre-dinner drink. If you can get there during sunset, even better. While the prices at Hotel Eden are on the higher side, the view certainly is worth it!

Fountain of Four Rivers Outside Of Bar Tre Scalini

Fountain of Four Rivers Outside Of Bar Tre Scalini

Favorite Place for Dessert With a View: Bar Tre Scalini

Piazza Navona was our favorite place to grab an afternoon or post- dinner cappuccino or dessert. Bar Tre Scalini, located right on Piazza Navona, was a spot we went to many times. It was recommended to us by some friends we have that live in Rome, so we took that as a good sign as well. Besides the great atmosphere and people watching at Bar Tre Scalini, you can also try their famous chocolate tartufo (truffle). They’ve been making the tartufo since 1946- one bite and you will know why it is still a favorite among locals and visitors alike!

An Afternoon Snack at Antico Enoteca

An Afternoon Snack at Antico Enoteca

Favorite Place for an Afternoon Snack or Drink: Antica Enoteca Wine Bar

Antico Enoteca, located a few blocks away from The Spanish Steps, is a great place to step out of the Roman heat and grab a glass of wine and some antipasti. I was looking every where for figs while we were on our trip and I found them here. We had a delicious antipasto of focaccia, prosciutto and figs which quenched my fig craving. If you are out and about near the Spanish steps and looking to make a pit stop, I would highly recommend stopping at Antico.

Homemade Spinach, Ricotta and Mozzerella Cappelletti

Homemade Spinach, Ricotta and Mozzerella Cappelletti

Favorite Unique Dining Experience: Fabioulous Cooking Day Cooking Class

Obviously you can tell that I like to cook 🙂 One of the days I was anticipating most in Rome was our cooking class through Fabiolous Cooking. The class took place in a beautiful apartment/kitchen in Rome with about ten total participants. The day started off with taking a trip to Campo de Fiori to pick out our fresh ingredients in the marketplace. From there we went back to the beautiful classroom space and learned to create numerous dishes, included several types of homemade pastas, a basic tomato sauce, two other sauces and veal. The best part was of course eating all the delicious food you and your classmates prepared. While it was certainly delicious, I think it tasted even better because we made it. My favorite was the cappelletti that was filled with spinach, ricotta and mozzarella- so yummy!

This is something fun and different to do during your time in Rome and if you enjoy cooking, you will love it! Just a warning, the class does take several hours, so if you aren’t in Rome very long, you may want to consider this as it takes up the majority of your day.

Between this post and the pictures I shared last week, you may be booking your flight to Rome as soon as you leave this page. Just one question… Can I sneak along in your suitcase? I’ll treat you to Spaghetti Al Moro when we get there 🙂

xoxo, Jenna


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