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Liquid Art House -Boston Chic Party

Liquid Art House: where art gallery meets restaurant meets bar and lounge.

New-ish to the Boston restaurant scene- it opened about 6 months ago- I was very interested in trying Liquid Art House when I heard about the concept. Located in Back Bay- Bay Village neighborhood, Liquid Art House boasts both delicious globally influenced food and unique, rotating art gallery installations. It brings something for the foodie and art lover alike.

Liquid Art House -Boston Chic Party

MJD and I went to Liquid Art House this past weekend for dinner. We arrived a bit early for our reservation, planning to have a drink at the bar before. We were both really surprised by how large the space was- I later learned the restaurant spans 10,000 square feet. When entering you are greeted with a large foyer area, including a huge circular bar with lounge seating as well. The wall directly behind the bar is painted with a large mural and lit up overhead with a Murano glass chandelier straight from Italy. There is a ton to look at in the bar and lounge area, so would recommend spending time there with a cocktail either before or after dinner. My favorite piece in the area was trunk decorated with many quotes, including one “All I Want Is Everything” that I couldn’t resist taking a photo of (check it out at the end of this post).

When it was time for our reservation, MJD and I moved to the dining room. Interestingly, when you sit down you are given a menu, a drink menu and an art menu which describes the pieces in the restaurant. The walls of the dining room were adorned with many pieces of art. If you were lucky enough to be facing a window like us, you also had a great view looking up Stuart Street at The Hancock. Our server, Mikey, was very friendly and helpful- he made the experience at Liquid Art House really nice for us.

We started off with an order of the handmade dumplings which we were told were a specialty of the restaurant. We chose the Lithuanian Farmer’s Cheese Dumplings. The dumplings were so soft they melted in your mouth- I loved them!

Lithuanian Farmer's Cheese Dumplings

Lithuanian Farmer’s Cheese Dumplings

Next, we moved on to our entrees. MJD ordered the Duck Confit which was paired with farro and sprouts. I had the Scallops with cauliflower, green beans, carrots and labneh, which was a foamy yogurt cheese I learned. Both meals were delicious, the presentation which you can see below was gorgeous and the portions were a good size. Personally, I preferred the duck- it was cooked perfectly and was so tender. I told MJD it may have been one of the best duck entrees I have ever tasted. I would highly recommend ordering it to anyone who visits Liquid Art House. Now, don’t get me wrong here- the scallops were also good, but the duck was so great, it definitely surpassed the scallops for me.

The delicious duck at Liquid Art House

The delicious duck at Liquid Art House

Beautifully Plated Local Scallops

Beautifully Plated Local Scallops

We ended our night with the chocolate souffle which came with a peppermint sauce. The souffle was awesome and the a great sweet treat to finish off our dinner. MJD isn’t a big fan of mint, so we didn’t pour the peppermint on top, but I did have a taste and it was delicious. Oh also, they brought complimentary pistachio macarons with the check which were just a perfect last bite of the night.

The only negative we experienced at Liquid Art House was making a reservation. We wanted a reservation around 8 PM and granted I only made the res a few days before, so I wasn’t surprised when I was told they either had a 7 PM reservation or nothing until 10 PM. We decided to take the 7 PM which is totally fine, however, given the choice of times I was anticipating the dining room to be packed with no free tables. There were at least three open tables in the dining room the entire time we were there so it left me wondering why we couldn’t have an 8 PM reservation. Maybe there were last minute cancellations, or maybe the restaurant was trying to show bigger demand than there actually was… Who knows.

Regardless of the difficulty with making a reservation, our experience at Liquid Art House was fantastic! Delicious food, interesting art to look at and great wait staff, made for an amazing date night for MJD and I at what we think will be a new Boston hot spot.

xoxo, Jenna

Liquid Art House -Boston Chic PartyLiquid Art House-Boston Chic Party

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