A Case of Wanderlust

A Case of Wanderlust- Image via Gray Malin- Boston Chic Party

Image via Gray Malin

Ever since we returned from our honeymoon trip to Italy, I’ve had a serious case of wanderlust. Seeing so many beautiful places on the Amalfi Coast and in Rome, completely inspired me and left me with a serious travel bug. Going in to 2015, MJD and I made a goal to travel more- whether that was near or far. Here are a few things I’ve been keeping in mind to help my wanderlust….

Focus on experiences, not things.

Emily of Cupcakes & Cashmere shared this post from Fast Company on why we should spend our money on experiences and not things. The premise of the article is that material items provide a temporary happiness, while experiences like trips, concerts or museum visits stay with us longer and actually make you more satisfied with how you spent your money. While I lust over the newest designer purse as much as the next girl, this article really rings true to me and it’s something I’ve been reflecting on when making my own purchases recently. Instead of buying that other pair of shoes, put the money into your travel fund. Another way I like to focus on experiences is when it comes to gifts for loved ones. For example, you already know I planned a weekend to Portland to celebrate MJD’s birthday rather than purchasing a tangible gift. I think we both thought spending a weekend away us two was much better than an outfit or tie I might have bought him. This coming May, my sister is graduating from undergrad and I am finishing my MBA program. As our graduation gifts, my mom is taking us away for a girls weekend in Hilton Head Island! The memories we make on our weekend away will be something I carry with me much longer than a new bag.

Take advantage of experiencing something new wherever you go.

If you are similar in age to me, you probably have a lot of weddings to attend. If the wedding happens to be outside of your town, take advantage of travelling there and plan something else while you are in town. Two of our good friends are getting married this summer in Aspen and it’s our first time going there. We decided we’d plan it as a long weekend to see a bit of the area while we are out there. I already can’t wait to see the gorgeous Colorado scenery in June! Maybe you aren’t on the wedding circuit right now, but probably you have another reason to travel, like touring colleges with your kids or going to different states for your child’s sporting events. The same logic applies- find out what’s in the surrounding area and explore what’s around you!

You don’t have to go far to travel.

There are literally endless possibilities when it comes to travelling someplace new and that doesn’t always mean someplace far! Like our weekend in Portland, Maine, I am sure there are many fun locations to visit within a few hours of your hometown for a weekend overnight or maybe some place even closer for a day trip. From Boston, there are so many great places to visit that meet this criteria. Portland, Newport and Martha’s Vineyard are some of my favorites. On my list to explore? I’m dying to visit  Provincetown down the Cape and the quintessential New England town of Woodstock, Vermont.

But, if you have a dream of going some place far away… make a plan and make it happen!

For our one year wedding anniversary, MJD and I decided we wanted to go on a special trip to celebrate. We are at a place in our lives right now where we can travel and have less responsibilities than we may have in the future. We wanted to explore another city in Europe so did a bunch of research to see what would be best for our potential travel schedule and also our budget. I’m so excited we decided to book a trip to Paris for our anniversary! Could there be anything more romantic (insert heart eye emoji here!)? Now we just need September to get here…

If you have a case of wanderlust like me, I’d love to know any tips you have to help cure it! I’d also love any recommendations on Paris, Aspen, Hilton Head or whatever your favorite place to visit is… 

xoxo, Jenna

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  1. parkertheprepster
    April 12, 2015 / 7:52 pm

    Love this post. Experiences over things everyday! Today Cam and I explored the North Shore, especially Marblehead, hit up top rated restaurants and had the best time. The total for meals and gas so outweighed a pair of shoes. I love that we have another thing in common!

    • April 15, 2015 / 9:25 pm

      Thanks girl! That sounds like an awesome day- loved your post on it. We’ll have to take a similar drive soon too 🙂

  2. April 13, 2015 / 8:52 am

    I love love love this post! My husband and I almost never do gifts, we prefer dinners out, weekend getaways or saving up for a trip. I always have wanderlust and feel so lucky we live in such a great part of the world. So many options for short trips!

    • April 15, 2015 / 9:24 pm

      Thanks Meghan! Let me just say your blog further inspires my wanderlust! I love your travel photos 🙂

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