Happy Father’s Day!

Happy Father's Day- Boston Chic Party Happy Father's Day- Boston Chic Party

Happy Father’s Day everyone! I couldn’t let today pass without sending a special Father’s Day wish to the two men who helped make MJD and me into the people we are today. We hope you have a great day celebrating! Too bad the rain here in New England is cancelling our Father’s Day golf plans…

The picture of my Dad and me is one of my favorites from our wedding day. MJD and I were pretty traditional and didn’t do a first look on our wedding day.So I decided I wanted to do a first look with my other main guy, my dad! It was a really fun moment and our photographer captured some great shots, like this one.

Sending lots of good wishes to all the dads out there today- Happy Father’s Day!

xoxo, Jenna

Photos via our amazing photographer, Lindsey Buchleitner

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