Postcards From Paris: Eating and Drinking In Paris’ Sixth Arrondissement

Eating and Drinking in Paris' Sixth Arrondissement-Boston Chic Party-1-4During our trip to Paris, we stayed in Saint-Germain-des-Pres, located in Paris’ Sixth Arrondissement. In the heart of Paris’ Left Bank, we loved staying in this area because it was convenient to so many of the places we wanted to visit, including some delicious restaurants and cafes. While there are many great restaurants all over Paris, we spent a lot of time in this neighborhood and today I’m rounding up some of our favorite spots we ate and drank in the Sixth Arrondissement. Pin it, bookmark it, just make sure you save this list for any future Paris trips of your own!


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Eating and Drinking in Paris' Sixth Arrondissement-Boston Chic Party-4

Eggs & Co.

Eggs & Co. is an amazing little restaurant and I’m guessing from the name you can figure out what they serve- eggs, eggs and more eggs. They serve a variety of omlettes, benedicts, and other egg dishes. If you are like me and torn between savory and sweet at brunch, you’ll love Eggs & Co. even more because after your eggs, they serve you pancakes as dessert! Talk about the perfect brunch combo. I ordered the benedict with smoked salmon and it was delish. We went for Sunday brunch and arrived right around 10:30 AM (they open at 10), which seemed to be perfect timing because we were seated right away while many other couples who arrived after us had to wait. I’d say the food would definitely be worth the wait though!

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I know it may be touristy, but you can’t come to Paris and not go to Ladurée. The location in the Sixth Arrondissement was literally down the street fro our hotel. Located on Rue Bonaparte, definitely make a trip to the tearoom at this location instead of fighting the crowds at the Champs-Elysees location. I had the best French toast ever for breakfast here, with raspberry sauce, fresh raspberries and rose whipped cream. They also offer a variety of pastries for breakfast and their selection of teas is vast. I am sure a tea drinker would love the variety of selections available. I’m never one to shy away from dessert for breakfast, but while you are there make sure you pick up some of their delicious and famous macarons, to be enjoyed then or at a later time, like while strolling the Seine or picnicking at the Eiffel Tower, like we did.


Eating and Drinking in Paris' Sixth Arrondissement-Boston Chic Party Eating and Drinking in Paris' Sixth Arrondissement-Boston Chic Party-2


I was highly anticipating our dinner at Semilla and it absolutely exceeded my expectations! The entire menu looked so good that MJD and I decided to order the tasting menu and try the chef’s favorites. 7 courses later and we were very full and happy! Having eaten a lot of foie gras during our time in Paris, my favorite by far was Semilla’s take as they grilled the foie gras. So good (and pictured above)! The dessert course is one I will always remember as well- it was chocolate overload which both MJD and I live for. With a chocolate biscuit, chocolate sorbet, chocolate ganache and whipped cream, the meal ended on a super sweet note. We loved each course and I’d highly recommend trying out the tasting menu for anyone who dines at Semilla.  Semilla does accept reservations and they are encouraged too. We went on a Saturday night and made our reservations about two weeks ahead of time to get an 8:30 slot.

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Le Relais de L’Entrecôte

If you like steak frites, definitely plan to make a trip to Le Relais de L’Entrecôte- it’s their specialty… I mean it is literally the only thing they serve! The restaurant does not take reservations so either plan to go for an early dinner (they open at 7) or wait until a bit later when they’ve moved the first seating along. Just be prepared to wait- we saw a line down the street outside of this restaurant every night. While I’m not sure a Parisian would dine here, the food was delicious and our server was so nice. As soon as you walk in they ask how you like your steak prepared- rare, medium or well done. As a medium rare girl, I was flustered at first, but would recommend ordering rare for those of you who typically order medium rare. The steak was cooked perfectly. Your server will load up your plate with some of the best frites you’ve ever had… and just when you  think you are done,she’ll be back with more steak and more frites. While this isn’t the place for a long, leisurely dinner, it was fun to try and very yummy.

Drinks & Cafes:

Eating and Drinking in Paris' Sixth Arrondissement-Boston Chic Party-1-2

Les Deux Magots

Grab a seat outside and watch the people go by on Boulevard Saint-Germain for some of the best people watching in Paris. At Les Deux Magots, you’ll be sipping your cocktail in the same spot that Ernest Hemingway, Pablo Picasso, James Joyce, Jean-Paul Sartre and Simone de Beauvoir did. The perfect place for a glass of afternoon rose or to sip on a Saint Germain champagne cocktail post-dinner, the outdoor café scene at Les Deux Magots is one you won’t want to miss.

Eating and Drinking in Paris' Sixth Arrondissement-Boston Chic Party-1-3

Prescription Cocktail Club

Super cool, speakeasy style cocktail club that serves up delicious and unique drinks, right in the heart of Saint Germain. Prescription Cocktail Club doesn’t have a sign, so make sure you know the address and walk confidently in. You’ll be greeted with a dark club, lit up by some candles and then the backlighting of the bars. There is a bar both upstairs and downstairs where you can sample their cocktail list or just have the bartenders make you something fun. We first went on a Saturday night and the place was almost too packed to move, but our drinks were so delicious we came back on Monday night. The crowd was definitely smaller, but still busy on a Monday and we were able to get a seat at some of their lounge style chairs after a short wait. If you are a fan of sweeter drinks and bubbly, order Le Mazarinette- it was delicious!

Happy eating and drinking 🙂

xoxo, Jenna


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