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A few weeks ago I had chance to spend an afternoon at Flywheel Back Bay for a class with some other Boston Bloggers. It was my second time visiting Flywheel and the second experience was just as awesome as the first-if you can call a super sweaty spin class awesome 😉

Flywheel is different from many other spin classes I’ve taken in the past. Instead of working on a perceived resistance or pain scale, Flywheel’s bikes display the torq you are working with. Your instructor will continuously guide you throughout class for where your torq should be and also your target RPM. I love this about Flywheel because I feel like it’s helping me get the most out of my workout. There’s no inadvertent slacking off during a Flywheel spin class- you can see your torq and RPM instead of just guessing what level you are at.

Flywheel also has a competitive component to it- whether that’s with yourself or with your classmates. The TorqBoard is a screen at the front of the room that shows which bikes putting out the most power in the class. If you are a super competitive person, it’s that extra push to be number one in class or push yourself to beat your friend. My family and friends would probably describe me as the opposite of competitive… so I typically don’t share my stats on the TorqBoard. I think it’s great you have the option- so you can either stay off the board if you are like me, or you can display your stats for everyone if you are in a competitive mood. I can totally see my sister who is a former Division I college athlete loving this aspect of Flywheel.

Regardless of if you put your name on the TorqBoard or not, Flywheel stores the data from each of your classes and e-mails it to you after. You can compare ride-to-ride for your performance on factors like RPM, torq, speed and power. It also gives an estimate of how far you rode and how many calories burned. In both of the classes I attended, I rode about 20-22 miles in the 45 minute class period. Performance data can also be accessed in your Flywheel account online.

With their stadium seating, everyone has a bird’s eye view of the instructor. I’ve taken class with both Meredith and Catherine. Both instructors were energetic and played fantastic music which is super important to me for enjoying a class. Catherine played Justin Beiber’s Sorry during class which made me immediately fall in love with her 🙂

Flyhweel Back Bay is located in the Prudential Center and offers several classes a week. In addition to their traditional spin classes, there is also a FlyBarre studio on site for their signature barre classes. I’d definitely recommend Flywheel if you are looking to add a new class to your workout routine or if you are trying to find some workout motivation for the New Year.

The good news? First time riders at Flywheel get their first class free! This offer is good at your local Flywheel- not just the Back Bay location. Give the class a try for yourself and let me know what you think!

xoxo, Jenna

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  1. December 14, 2015 / 9:00 pm

    I wish I loved spin classes and spinning in general…I just can’t get myself to control my speed – I find it incredibly hard lol

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