Fall Party Planning Inspiration

Fall is an ideal time of year to plan a few parties with friends and families- everyone is back on schedule after summer and it is before the craziness of the holidays starts up. If you are like me and hoping to host some seasonal celebrations, today’s post is for you. I’m rounding up some of my favorite fall party planning ideas- we’ll all be throwing some fab parties after this post is done!


Glam Halloween Dinner Party Inspired By Randi Garrett– We’re at that age where we are a bit too old (or at least I feel to old…) to dress up and go out to the bars for Halloween, but we don’t yet have kids either. To me, throwing a glam dinner party- with costumes of course- would be the ideal way to celebrate Halloween. Randi has designed literally the most chic Halloween-inspired table I have ever seen!


Pumpkin and Flower Arranging Girls’ Night Inspired By Burlap And Lace– After seeing a pumpkin vase on the Alice’s Table blog, I got sucked into a deep Pinterest black hole of pumpkin vases. Shannon of Burlap And Lace shared such a stunning pumpkin vase that I want to do two things- first, host a get-together with girlfriends to make these ourselves and two, host a dinner party so I can use it as a centerpiece! Think of the pumpkin vase and floral arranging girls’ night in as  the much more chic version of a pumpkin carving party 😉


Cozy Outdoor Bonfire Inspired By Inspired by Charm– If you are lucky enough to have a fire pit or other outdoor space unlike us city folk, gathering up some friends for a bonfire is the perfect way to celebrate fall. I mean I’ll take just about any excuse to eat smores and curl up in a blanket 😉 After seeing Michael of Inspired by Charm’s fall patio, I instantly wanted one of my own just to throw this party!


Pumpkin Potluck Party Inspired By Domestikated Life– My girl and fellow Boston Blogger Kate over at Domestikated Life always has so many cute entertaining ideas. It’s no surprise her pumpkin party was right up my alley- I am obsessed with pumpkin for goodness sake! Invite all your friends over, ask them each to bring something “pumpkin” and you’ll have a super fun potluck party with the season’s favorite flavor.


Chili Bar Inspired By Kelley NanKelley is one of my favorite bloggers for both home décor and entertaining inspiration. She recently wrote about hosting a chili night and I so loved the idea because it’s something anyone can do easily! It’s not fancy, but with just a little bit of love in the presentation of the toppings, you can make this a really nice looking dinner. And who doesn’t love chili? This is perfect for both football Sundays or dinner parties alike.

Hope you found some fall party inspo- and maybe a new blog or two to check out!

xoxo, Jenna



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  1. tessfelber
    October 12, 2016 / 9:46 am

    So funny I just did a post on glam Halloween decor yesterday! Ah it’s so fun to decorate for 🙂
    xx Tess | Sequins are the New Black

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