Most Recommended Baby Registry Must Haves

Over the last several weeks, we’ve been working diligently on baby prep and researching items for Baby D’s registry. A few weeks I asked all the mamas on Instagram for their registry must haves on my Insta story. I was completely blown away by how many ladies sent me their amazing recommendations and also how many other mamas-to-be there were following along! A few people asked me to share the recommendations I received so today I’m rounding up the items that were recommended multiple times. As we haven’t had our little one yet, I can’t personally attest to any of these, but seeing as these moms feel strongly enough to write to me about them, I am going to assume they are the best of the best!

Before I get in to the product list, there were a few common tips and themes shared about creating your baby registry that were great reminders!

  • Make sure you have a list of items or idea of things you want to put on your registry before you start shopping. This is such good advice and will help prevent you from getting overwhelmed at all the options. I found some stores provide you with a list like this (Pottery Barn Kids and Babies R Us too) and I also liked the lists provided on Baby List.
  • Newborns really don’t need a lot. This was one piece of advice that was sent to me a lot. While of course we all want to be super prepared when baby arrives, it is likely your newborn won’t use a lot of the items you register for for some time.
  • Be sure to have Amazon Prime just in case you need to make a last minute order. In case something doesn’t work out or you need extra of something, Amazon Prime is your best friend!

And now the most recommended baby must-haves! (From top left, clockwise)

BabyBjorn Bouncer– Close to ten people sent me a message about this bouncer which they said is a total necessity and worth the price for bouncing your baby in a ergonomically designed seat.

aden + anais Swaddling Cloths– A whole bunch of people recommended these swaddling cloths- they are muslin and so not just great for a lightweight swaddle, but moms also mentioned they use them as a burp cloth or as a lightweight blanket in the stroller. I love all the adorable patterns available.

DockATot Deluxe+ Dock– This was an item I was super excited about when I first heard about it and several mamas wrote in letting me know just how great it is! The DockATot is a co-sleeper and also the perfect lounger for babies. The shape helps create a soothing environment similar to the womb and can be used for sleeping, lounging, diaper changing and tummy time. Many mamas said it is great because it is lightweight and easy to move around the house to have a “home base” for baby to lounge in each area of the home. PS- DockAToT provided Baby D with a complimentary dock of his own so I’ll be sure to share an update once we try it for ourselves! Click here for a $10 coupon for your own DockATot!

Ergobaby 360 All Carry Positions Baby Carrier– As far as carriers go, this one was the most recommended. While baby grows, this carrier allows for several different options for carrying. Mamas said it is helpful for taking walks and getting things done around the house, all while holding your baby!

Baby Brezza Bottle Maker- If you aren’t nursing, a few mamas recommended this bottle maker to help make bottle making super easy especially for those middle of the night feedings.

SwaddleMe Velcro Swaddles– A whole bunch of moms recommended these swaddles as an easy swaddle option that close with velcro making it easy for changing. I loved the cute boy, girl and gender neutral color options I found- both linked below!

4Moms MamaRoo Infant Seat– So many lovely ladies recommended this infant seat which sways and bounces your baby in a plush comfy seat.

Fisher Price Rock & Play– The Rock & Play was the most recommended item of all- moms called it a life saver and sent me a bunch of stories of their babies sleeping in the Rock & Play when fussy and sick. A lot of the moms mentioned how it was perfect for day time napping and that the rocking helps soothe the baby to sleep.

Baby Shusher Noise Machine– I’m not really a fan of the name of this product (don’t know why but shushing doesn’t sound good to me haha), but a bunch of the amazing moms out there said this was a total game changer. The Baby Shusher is a noise machine that creates a soothing shushing sound that is similar to the noises baby would hear in the womb. One mom friend mentioned even bringing one into the car for long trips or into the stroller to calm baby. Anything that has the connotation “sleep miracle” sounds like a winner to me regardless of if I like the name!

Are you a mom-to-be? Hope you found this helpful! Mamas, any of your favorites I missed? Leave a comment below for all those reading along!

xoxo, Jenna

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  1. February 8, 2018 / 9:53 am

    The DockATot was a LIFESAVER! And I HIGHLY recommend the BabyZen Yoyo. It folds up easily and is so light! We also got the UppaBaby Vista but it is SO heavy. We have barely used it :-/ We do love our UppaBaby Mesa car seat though. Nathan slept in the Bassinest for the first 4 months of his life and he loved it.
    xo Jessica

    • Jenna at Boston Chic Party
      February 10, 2018 / 7:06 am

      Thanks so much! You are the second person who mentioned that stroller! xoxo!

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