Baby Bath Time With BJ’s Wholesale Club

This post was created in partnership with BJ’s Wholesale Club. I’m partnering with BJ’s for the next several months to share how BJ’s is helping our growing family. All images and opinions are my own. #BJsSmartSaver

As we count down the days until Baby DiMaggio arrives, each day seems to bring a new project to work on or things to get organized. I’m constantly trying to figure out the best way to organize all of baby’s things- from diapers to clothes to bath time necessities- in hopes it will make things easier once he arrives. Don’t worry though mamas, I’m not kidding myself and I am sure I’ll re-do a lot of this once we get into our routine and find out what actually works best!

After getting so many of our bath time essentials during our baby shower, like a mini tub and the cutest towels, I only had to pick up a few things in order to be ready for that momentous first bath. While on a BJ’s Wholesale Club shopping trip, I was easily able to find some great baby bath and skincare products from a brand I personally love, Aveeno. Their body lotion is my favorite so it was a no brainer to try it for Baby D too. Aveeno’s Daily Moisture Baby Lotion and Baby Shampoo & Wash have been recommended by pediatricians for 60 years, are made with natural oat extracts and are hypoallergenic. It makes me feel good as a mama-to-be that I can shop for our growing family while getting brands we love and trust (and are good for you!) for prices that are much better than your standard supermarket at BJ’s.

Besides saving members an average of 25%, the variety of products you can find at BJ’s makes it the best one-stop shop for all the different aspects of our life, whether it is for entertaining essentials, household necessities like paper towels, our favorite snacks and now baby must-haves for our growing family. I know we are really going to put our membership to work even more once Baby D arrives. If you are a mom-to-be or new mom yourself (or just someone who wants to get the convenience and savings of a BJ’s membership!), you can get your own plus a $25 gift card by signing up here.

One thing that BJ’s can’t help me with… preparing for bath time in our city apartment. I know it probably sounds crazy, but we actually only have showers in our place, no proper tub! I definitely didn’t think about that when we bought our place as I prefer the look of a shower anyways, but now I’m wondering if I should have thought differently. I’m hoping that the tub seen in these pictures will work well enough. Any other city mamas or mamas without a bathtub have any advice? I’d be so happy for any and all tips!

xoxo, Jenna

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