Yogurt Parfait Bar

Whenever I’m hosting more than six people at our place, I typically try to incorporate some sort of “bar” or self-serve station into the meal. It works best given the size of our table and that we have a bit more counter space to spread things out on. I also happen to find it a fun way to serve food and it gives me an opportunity to add some cute accessories to the food spread.

For spring time brunches, like Easter, Mother’s Day or a just because Sunday brunch, a yogurt parfait bar is the perfect self-serve option. A yogurt parfait is a light and refreshing option as the weather gets nicer. To start, I had individual servings of yogurt already available which makes it easy for your guests to grab and start customizing their parfait. For my yogurt parfait bar, I included my favorite yogurt toppings- tons of fresh berries and homemade granola- but this could easily be customized to include your favorites. I consider mine semi-homemade since most of it is store bought except for the granola (I use this recipe– it’s my fave!), but you could absolutely pull off this entire yogurt parfait bar with store bought products. To me, it really doesn’t matter as long as you serve quality items and display them in a cute way (aka not in the store packaging)!

Let’s talk about set up for this yogurt bar then… this is my favorite part of any self serve station because you can get creative and have fun with how the food is displayed. I like to use different height items, unique serving pieces and colorful linens to make things interesting. First up, I placed the individual yogurt servings into martini glasses. Not the typical way you’d imagine a yogurt parfait served, I love the way it looks and serving it in a unique glass is so much more fun than a typical bowl. I actually got this idea from a brunch I went to at the Langham Boston where they served a few items in martini glasses- I loved the idea so much I’ve made it my own a few times at home. Whenever I create a “bar”, I love using a cake stand to add height and it became the perfect spot for an assortment of berries for my yogurt parfait bar. By adding some spring colors with the complimentary linens and of course some fresh flowers, the whole parfait bar comes together for a lovely spring brunch!

While Mother’s Day is just a few days away, you can easily pull off this yogurt parfait bar quickly with store-bought ingredients and your own display station made from things you already have in your home!

xoxo, Jenna

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