What I’m Reading, Watching and Listening To, Volume 9

Summer, summer, summertime- typically the time of year where I do the most reading! While this summer is a bit different than ones past, I’m still squeezing in a good amount of reading which makes me happy 🙂

One project I’m hoping to work on here on the blog soon is a complete book list to make my recommendations even easier to find and shop- is that something you guys might be interested in? Let me know that and any book recommendations you have in the comments below!

What I’m Reading:

The Woman in The Window Loved this thriller, I think I read it in 24 hours, but when I start a thriller like this I typically have to do that so I can find out the ending 😉 Anna, the main character, is a severe agoraphobic living in New York. She spends a lot of her time watching classic movies and her neighbors. When she sees something happening in her new neighbors’ home, the story unfolds with a bunch of unexpected twists!

China Rich Girlfriend and Rich People Problems– Books two and three in the Crazy Rich Asians series are just as good as the first book and make for great summer reads. These books follow along with all the crazy rich families, the family drama, a bit of romance and of course tales of shopping.

Surprise Me– What happens when a married couple of ten years decides to spice things up by planning surprises for each other. While things start off cute, like a surprise gift or breakfast in bed, the surprises take a bit of a turn as secrets and people from their past start surprising them instead. This is a quick rom-com type read, but not my fave out of all the Sophie Kinsella books I’ve read.

Still Me– Another sequel 🙂 This is the third book in the Me Before You series. If you haven’t read Me Before You yet, you MUST read it. But be prepared for a lot of tears! Still Me follows Louisa to New York City as she takes a new job as a personal assistant for the wife of an extremely rich man. Louisa’s personality shines through as she explores the city and meets new people, all while trying to keep her new relationship with Sam going from across the pond. A perfect summer read for those of you who have read Me Before You and After You.

What I’m Listening To:

I haven’t been listening to much on the podcast front, but I did want to mention that the podcast I mentioned in my last post changed its’ name to Bad on Paper podcast. This podcast from Grace of The Stripe and Becca Freeman is one of my favorites right now- it feels like a coffee (or wine!) date with your girlfriends and they have such good bok recommendations too!

What are you currently reading, watching or listening to?

xoxo, Jenna

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