My Breastfeeding Tips For New Moms

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I’m sure you’ve all seen by now the question feature that Instagram added to stories this past week. I feel like it’s been non-stop Q&A sessions since it launched! It’s a really fun way to chat on Insta and when I got some questions of my own, a bunch had to do with new mom life. One of the questions was about breastfeeding and how it was going.

Before Nicholas arrived, I knew it was my plan to breastfeed, but I was keeping an open mind as I know it is difficult and a different experience for everyone. I feel very lucky that Nicholas has been a great eater from the beginning- his little instincts kicked in right away from the hospital and he’s loved eating away ever since . We’ve definitely had some struggles- early on someone liked to take a nap halfway through eating- but for the most part, breastfeeding has gone very smoothly! Feeling so so lucky to say that!

With that being said, it is definitely a bit of an adjustment and some things took me by surprise that I thought may be helpful to share for any new mamas out there. In the newborn stages, most babies are eating every three hours from the start of their last feeding. The first few weeks I was surprised how much time I spent breastfeeding and how quickly time in between Nicholas’ eating flew by! These tips are for keeping the mamas comfy and sane as opposed to latching/milk supply tips- definitely work with your doctor, nurses or a lactation consultant for that!

My Tips For New Breastfeeding Mamas (to stay comfy and sane!):

Keep snacks and water close by. Breastfeeding burns around an extra 500 calories a day and you definitely want to stay hydrated while breastfeeding as it is important. I always keep my water bottle right next to me when feeding Nicholas. Snacks that are easy to eat with one hand are perfect for busy moms- breastfeeding or not- because you can have them while holding a baby. Because I turn to these same snacks over and over, buying larger packages at BJ’s is a good idea for me. Some of my faves include Skinny Pop, Nature Valley Granola bars and Snyder’s 100 calorie pretzel packs.

Sit in a comfortable position with any support pillows you need. If you are doing to be in one position for 40 minutes, you definitely want to be sure it is comfy. I love using a nursing pillow to rest both Nicholas and my arm on to make things more comfortable everywhere I go. I would say all nursing moms need one. The one shown in the picture above is the Piccolo Bambino Nursing Pillow and can be found at BJ’s in the expansive baby department!

Read a book or watch a new show to pass the time. Once Nicholas got over his stage of falling asleep while eating, he transitioned to the stage of being a bit of a slow poke. Breastfeeding is obviously a time to bond with your baby but if it takes a while you may want something to read or watch to pass the time. I found a kindle easier to read on than holding a book and rewatching Gossip Girl this summer has been fun!

Use a breast pump to let someone else feed your little one. Okay pumping isn’t my favorite thing (I don’t really love feeling like an actual cow), but sometimes you need a break or just want a glass of wine or dare I say a night out. By pumping for occasions like this, you’ll give yourself some downtime from feeding. BJ’s has lots of highly recommended bottles like the Phillips Avent bottles to choose from to make sure the introduction of a bottle is easy. One tip- practice having baby eat from a bottle before introducing it for a night out- just to make sure they are okay with it before leaving with their food supply!

Most important- don’t stress! I know many moms that beat themselves up over breastfeeding or not. Really all that matters is that baby is fed and healthy! However that happens is great, so don’t stress!

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xoxo, Jenna

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