Navy Or Nothing Ruffled Dress

Dress: Parker Shoes: Vince Camuto Earrings: BaubleBar via Nordstrom Lips: Laura Mercier in Boudoir 

Happy to be back with a new blog post this week- and to share this beautiful navy dress with you!

Since I last posted, Nicholas turned four months old (how is that possible!), I went on a special diet due to some sensitivities Nicholas has, celebrated our fourth anniversary and my birthday and I went back to work as my 16 week maternity leave wrapped up. I’ve been back at work for about two weeks now. There’s been ups and downs, but each day is getting a little better and smoother. I just miss my little guy so much when I’m not with him during the day! He’s in great hands- we are sharing a nanny with another family close by- and he loves our nanny so that makes me happy. I love when she sends me pictures during the day of them out at music class or visiting the library.

Before I went out on maternity leave, I had so many ideas of things I was going to do, whether it was around the house or with the blog or just general summer activities. Well, once baby was here I quickly realized the first few months are mainly about eating, sleeping, cuddling and loving on your little babe. And while I wasn’t as “productive” as I often obsess over being (ask my husband, I stink at relaxing), I wouldn’t change one second of our summer with Nicholas. I’d rather hold him while he was sleeping than do laundry or write a blog post. It’s not even a competition 🙂

Now that I am back to work though and we are hopefully getting into a bit more of a groove as a family, I’m going to try to post twice a week here. Putting that out there in the universe to hopefully hold me accountable because writing does make me really happy and I love chatting with you guys! If there is anything specific you want me to post about, please leave me a comment below and I’ll work on it. 🙂

Okay so this dress… it is no surprise that I love navy and ruffles so this dress was a no brainer for me when I saw it! I would say it fits pretty true to size- while I am still figuring out my sizing post partum, I am wearing a medium. The dress could easily be dressed up for a wedding with different accessories or worn out to dinner. The details, like the ruffles, tie neck and buttons on the sleeves make it such a pretty dress. I wore this dress to celebrate our anniversary at Row 34 (check out this Insta post for a cute fam pic at dinner) and was wanting another reason to wear it. Mike got us tickets to go see Hamilton this weekend while it is in Boston and so I’m definitely going to re-wear this dress for our date night. I’m SO excited to see Hamilton. I’ve been dying to see it and was not at all subtle with my hints to Mike that I wanted to go when it came to town 😉

Well that was a bit of a long winded little life update- I’m excited to get back to writing and chatting with you guys.  Anything specific you want me to post about going forward? Leave me a comment below!

Happy Friday!

xoxo, Jenna

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Photography by Maddy Rae Photography

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