Surviving Working Mom Life With Gorton’s Shrimp Bowls

This post was created in partnership with Gorton’s Seafood. All opinions and images are my own.

Since going back to work in September, my definition of being busy has drastically changed. Working mom life is tough- and I give so much credit to each and every woman who does it. Y’all are actual super heroes! Can’t imagine the moms with more than one kid… you ladies are crazy, but in the best possible way. Some days it feels like you can have everything ready and still can’t get out the door on time. It happens! Over the last two months I’ve picked up a few things that are helping me keep my sanity as a new working mama.

One thing that was causing me stress unnecessarily was what to make for dinner after work. I always want our weeknight dinners to be something delicious, something somewhat healthy and most importantly something quick! MJD has been on dinner duty most nights while I nurse Nicholas before bed, but sometimes we both want an easier option for dinner. Instead of turning to take out frequently, we tried the new Shrimp Bowls from Gorton’s Seafood.

Gorton’s Shrimp Bowls are freezer ready meals made in the microwave in 6 minutes or less and loaded with shrimp. We both happen to love shrimp so it’s an awesome alternative to cooking or getting take out. The bowls also come in two flavors- my pictures are showing the black garlic & white wine risotto, but the stir fry with soba noodles also sound amazing. Gorton’s Shrimp Bowls allow us to check at least one thing off our list quickly and easily and in a delicious way too!

Besides taking advantage of delicious and quick dinner options like Gorton’s Shrimp Bowls, I’ve picked up a few other habits in the last two months that really helped me in my transition into working mom life. Here are a few:

  • Pick out your clothes and the baby’s clothes the night before. Better yet, plan your own outfits for the week on Sunday (this is what I like to do to be most efficient).
  • Have at least double the amount of bottles, breast pump or other baby feeding essentials to minimize washing time every day.
  • Take advantage of grocery delivery services to minimize time spent shopping. The best is once you have your weekly order down you can easily re-order it!
  • Find a few favorite quick and easy meals to make when you are hungry but short on time (or tired!!) like Gorton’s Shrimp Bowls

Are there any other working mamas out there reading today? What are some of your tips for being productive balancing mom life and work life? Leave any tips in the comments and spread the wealth!

xoxo, Jenna

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