What I’m Reading, Watching and Listening To, Volume 11

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It’s been embarassingly long since I did one of these posts, but my reading endeavors were few and far between the last several months so I wanted to wait until I had at least a few books to post about! I’ve been attempting to spend more of my down time reading than just randomly scrolling Instagram and the recent reads I think are showing that I’ve done that. One way I’ve made it a bit easier to read is by using the Kindle app on my phone so that when I’m tempted to mindlessly scrolling or searching I actually read something instead! Do you have any tips for sneaking reading in to a busy schedule?

What I’m Reading:

The Wedding Date– Loved this book- it’s such a good rom-com type read, a perfect beach book! When Alexa and Drew get stuck in an elevator the night before his ex girlfriend’s wedding (which he happens to be a groomsman in!), Drew asks the beautiful stranger as his date. They have a blast as wedding dates, but what happens after the wedding when Drew returns to LA and Alexa staying in San Fran… Flew through this book and thought it was super cute.

Nine Perfect Strangers– I had heard mixed reviews on the latest from Liane Moriarty, but maybe because my expectations weren’t super high, I really liked this one! Nine people from all different walks of life check into Tranquillium House, a wellness center. Part detox, part health retreat, their stay starts with a mandatory days of silence and daily smoothies. What happens next doesn’t exactly match what they all expected from their retreat!

Tangerine– I had rented this book from the library over the summer but then embarrassingly did not finish it before it was due so had to return it unread. When we were getting ready to go to Florida for a few days I saw it was available again and rented. Alice has been living in Tangier in Morocco when her long lost college roommate suddenly appears at her new home for a visit. Given they haven’t spoken since a mysterious accident during their senior year, Alice is very surprised to see Lucy. Some of her old feelings about Lucy start resurfacing and Alice is starting to question what’s real and what’s not. It’s part thriller, part historical fiction (kind of)… I give Tangerine a B. I was just wanting a little bit more from it and I kind of felt like the ending was a bit predictable. There are plans to make it a movie so at least I can say I read it first!

99 Percent MIne– An easy romance read- not my favorite (I’d definitely pick The Wedding Date over this if looking for a romantic read), but for whatever reason I couldn’t put it down. Darcy and her twin Jamie inherited their grandmother’s house when she passed away, but her will stated that they had to renovate, sell it and split the profits. Luckily their friend and Darcy’s crush, Tom, just started his own contracting business and is going to renovate the house for them. Lots of sexual tension between him and Darcy as they work on the home renovation together. There were a few cringey, second hand embarassment moments for me reading this book- Darcy was a bit much as a character- but like I said I kept on reading it so it somehow got me hooked!

What I’m Listening To: When I’m not listening to the A Star is Born soundtrack on repeat, I’ve been back into podcasts in a major way this last month or so!

Over My Dead Body– For all the true crime podcast fans out there- Dan and Wendi have what seems to be a great relationship when they get married. Cut to a messy divorce and custody battle and then a murder… Over My Dead Body is a new true crime fave of mine!

Serial Season Three– I’m really loving the latest season of Serial which is telling multiple stories from the Cleveland couthouse “week by week” as Sarah says. I’ve found it really interesting to learn more about the justice system and also somewhat horrifying depending on the cases.

What have been some of your favorite reads or podcasts recently? Would love to add them to my list!

xoxo, Jenna

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  1. April 9, 2019 / 11:06 am

    I just recently did those two podcasts as well! I always love these posts of yours!

    • Jenna at Boston Chic Party
      April 10, 2019 / 8:07 pm

      Yay! We definitely have the same taste in podcasts!

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