Palm Print With Peach

Jacket: Peach (c/o) Tee: Peach (c/o- I have it tied up at the bottom) Leggings: Peach (c/o) Sneakers:Nike 

Is it just me or do you get kind of bored seeing everyone wear the same thing when you go to your gym classes? I love me some Lulu as much as the next girl, but feeling like I am wearing the same thing as about five other girls in my spin class can get a little bit old. If you are looking for some new items to add to your activewear or athleisure collection, allow me to introduce Peach  (Ps- this post is NOT sponsored, but I have received complimentary clothing from Peach).

I first shared Peach , a fun athleisure brand with you in late 2017 (see posts in their gear here and here!) and I’ve been loving their clothes ever since. Not only do they make functional activewear pieces like the tights I am wearing here, but they also have some awesome athleisure items that can take you from running errands to layering up after the gym. I of course am also a big fan of Peach’s line because the pieces are a bit more unique and you won’t be twinning with everyone else in the gym. I’ll let you twin with me if you want though 🙂

Keeping this post short and sweet, but just wanted to share a brand I am loving especially these tights which are my FAVE and reversible too! Oh and how funny is the second picture? Nicholas was off to the side so I was trying to make him smile haha!

What’s your workout style like?

xoxo, Jenna

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