Five “Must Have” Baby Items That I Never Knew About

This post is for all my new mamas and moms-to-be. Before we had a kid of our own, I probably would have laughed at some of the items below. A mini spatula to apply diaper cream? Weird, but so so necessary. An s shaped nail file? Yep, gotta have it. While this is a random hodge podge of items, they are all items we use super frequently (some of them daily) and that make things easier for us. You may just want to add these to your next Amazon order if you are a mama…

Boogie Wipes– Exactly what they sound like, these are wipes for your kid’s nose made with saline. I order them in a three pack and keep one in the diaper bag, one on the changing table and one in my “Nicholas” drawer in our kitchen. If your little one is anything like mine, these will make wiping their nose SO much easier. Added bonus if yours likes to play with wipe packs (Nicholas does!) so I let him hold the pack while I wipe :).

Fridababy NailFrida Nail File– Nicholas was born with long, sharp nails- I was super surprised. The little emery boards the hospital gave us definitely weren’t cutting it. Since he has sensitive skin and exczema, he itches and scratches a lot. I try to file his nails every night to keep them short and also keep any sharp edges away. It’s not easy, but these nail files are the absolute best. They are shaped like an S so you can easily round the edges. Fridababy strikes again! (and I’m not including it in this post because I assume every mom knows about it, but NoseFrida– must have!).

BabyBum Diaper Cream Applicator– Keeps things clean for yourself while applying diaper cream, never would have thought to get a little mini spatula to do this, but it is an actual necessity.

Nested Bean Sleep Sack Wearable Blanket– When Nicholas started rolling over and breaking out of his swaddle, I was super nervous about how to ensure he kept up his good sleeping schedule at night. I ordered the Nested Bean to try out. Their weighted wearable blanket is intended to help your little one self soothe with the weighted sack acting like a comforting hand in the night. Not sure if that is how it all actually works, but the Nested Bean did work for us and helped us with the transition from swaddle to traditional sleep sack.

Dwelling Place Disposable Placemats–  If you are going out to eat with your kiddo or traveling, these disposable placemats are a must have. I ordered these for our trip to Florida and they were essential now that Nicholas likes picking up his own food.

Mamas, what are some of your random baby must haves that you wouldn’t have known before you had your own?

xoxo, Jenna

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