Watermelon Moscow Mules

Going to make a bold statement here, but I think watermelon is my favorite summer fruit! So refreshing, the right amount of sweet and juicy. I always have it in the house during the summer and now we’ve been having a lot of fun with Nicholas eating it. He is too funny- he obviously likes it, but sometimes is too distracted by the texture of it and squeezes half of it to see the juice drip out. I also quickly learned not to give him a wedge with the rind because he didn’t understand why he couldn’t eat that 🙂

Since watermelon is my fave summer fruit, I love trying different cocktails with it in the summer time. Several years back I had a watermelon mule at Stephanie’s on Newbury Street while sipping drinks outside on their patio- such a good people watching spot in Boston, by the way. That drink clearly stayed with me for many years because when we had a surplus of watermelon around this past week, I tried my hand at creating my own. These cocktails come together pretty easily, but does require blending the watermelon. It takes no time at all so don’t be intimidated by that. My recipe is enough for four cocktails so you can make a batch for you and a friend- a great way to spend a summer Saturday.

What is your favorite summer fruit? Have you ever tried a cocktail at a restaurant that you wanted to recreate?

xoxo, Jenna

Watermelon Moscow Mules

You’ll Need:

Makes Four Cocktails

  • One cup of cubed watermelon (will be blended)
  • 8 Ounces of your favorite vodka (this will be about two ounces per drink)
  • 16 ounces of ginger beer
  • Squeeze of fresh lime
  • Lime & Watermelon for garnish

To Make:

In a blender, blend the cubed watermelon until creates a thick juice type consistency. It should create about one cup of watermelon “juice”. If your watermelon is not seedless, you may want to remove seeds prior to blending.

Add the watermelon juice, vodka, ginger beer and squeeze of fresh lime juice to a pitcher and stir to combine.

Serve the watermelon moscow mules over ice in a glass garnished with lime and a watermelon wedge.



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