Build Your Own Berry Trifle Station… Plus 5 Songs You Have To Add To Your Fourth of July Playlist

Can you really celebrate Fourth of July without some sort of patriotic berry dessert? I’m not entirely sure it is possible!

The thing about them though is we all have different tastes- I happen to want to go heavy on the whipped cream portion where I know others in my fam love angel food cake. Raspberries and blueberries are my fave while MJD loves blackberries. Well, if you have a Build Your Own Berry Trifle Station, everyone can get exactly what they want!

This isn’t an actual recipe post, more just an idea of a new way to display your classic Fourth of July dessert. To set up your build your own station, I basically added all the ingredients deconstructed into a set area of my kitchen. For the berries, I love using little ramekins or tiny bowls- mine are these ones from Anthropologie. Bonus points if you can use a color that goes with the patriotic theme, but a white ramekin works just fine! To make your display more patriotic, lay a Fourth of July ready napkin or dish towel down and place all the fixings on top. Lastly, I think it is fun to use something unexpected to serve the individual trifles. I went with a martini glass (loved using them for yogurt parfaits here!), but a stemless wine glass would also work really well or a champagne flute! Finish off your build your own berry trifle station with some flags or if you are feeling ambitious, maybe a small flower arrangement with flags included (wish I had done that to be honest).


While you are making and eating your berry trifles, you’ll definitely need some Fourth of July jams! My brother works on a playlist each year for Fourth of July but there are some songs that always make the cut- these are five must have USA tracks I’d be sure to add to your own party playlist!

  • Born In The U.S.A- Bruce Springsteen
  • American Girl- Tom Petty
  • Party In The U.S.A.- Miley Cyrus
  • Small Town USA- Justin Moore
  • American Kids- Kenny Chesney

Your turn! Any favorite patriotic songs to add to the playlist? When it comes to trifles, are you more into the cake or whipped toppings?

xoxo, Jenna



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