Five Ways To Refresh Your Home For Spring

With all of us spending more and more time at home, it’s nice to add a few little touches to reflect spring and warmer weather to come inside. I know adding some new items to our house has made me smile after several days at home. Here are five easy ways to refresh your home for spring if you are itching to make some changes too!

Just add flowers- fresh or faux!Adding flowers to your space is a sure way to give it the touch of spring it needs. I’m definitely partial to fresh flowers, but since that isn;t an easy option right now given COVID-19 quarantine, I’ve been searching for some good faux floral options. Another way to get fresh flowers is to grab some from your own backyard, whether it is daffodils or forsythia. We’ve been cutting forsythia branches the last few weeks to brighten things up inside.

Swap out your hand soap and candles for lighter or spring scented options– I used to only get super seasonal candles and soaps during the holidays but I love extending this into spring to make your home smell spring like as well! I personally love the lavender scent from Williams-Sonoma and their lemon too.

Change out your pillow covers on your couch and bed and put away any heavy winter pieces– Rotating pillow covers seasonally is an easy way to refresh your rooms a few times a year without making a large investment as you can do it year after year. If the weather allows, it is a good time to put away any heavy winter throws or comforters you have out as well. I think changing out some pillow covers would be a great way to switch things up during quarantine as well when we are feeling a bit blah about our homes after spending so much time there.

Get your front door spring ready- I don’t know about you, but I’m actually happier when I come home and see my front door if it has a little bit of decor around it. You can add planters, greenery, wreaths- whatever works for your space! Doesn’t matter if you live in the city or the burbs, we can all give a little love to our front stoop. I think this makes anyone coming to visit (or just driving or walking by in our current state) happy too!

Tackle an impactful spring cleaning or organizing project– Think about any areas in your home that are really bugging you- it may be your pantry, kid’s playroom, your storage space. It doesn’t have to be the biggest project, but pick one that will have a big impact on your happiness at home and make you feel better when it is done!

What are some ways you are refreshing your home for spring?

xoxo, Jenna

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