What I’m Packing in My Hospital Bag The Second Time Around

As I’m now 38 weeks pregnant, I’ve had my hospital bag packed for a little bit just in case.  Going into my second labor and delivery, I obviously have a better understanding of what I’ll actually use in the hospital compared to my first go around. I definitely packed way more than I actually used last time so for this time I’m cutting down my packing to what I think I’ll actually use.

For myself:

Since I hopefully will not be in the hospital very long, I am only packing a few items for myself: my favorite nursing friendly pajamas which so happen to be cute enough for some photos with the baby, a comfortable nursing/sleeping bra, my Storq robe, a headband, hair ties, grippy socks in case of walking around during early labor and flip flops for the post labor shower. My Yeti water bottle is definitely coming with- I was so thirsty during labor and after and having a straw water bottle is essential. The hospital I delivered at previously did give all moms a water bottle so you can always check to pack one less thing!

For my own “coming home” outfit, I’m going for comfort and something easy- mainly because anything I am wearing at the hospital will be going into the laundry right away due to the Covid-19 pandemic.

“Self-care” items:

Keeping it pretty basic on the self-care front. For the post-delivery essentials (pads, disposable underwear, etc.), I’m depending on what the hospital is providing. I’m bringing a few of my favorite items just to help me feel good the next day or to freshen up. Currently have travel size face wash and moisturizer in my bag as well as a travel size of my go-to Living Proof dry shampoo to help freshen up. Prior to my delivery with Nicholas, I remember the nurse that taught our labor and delivery class talking about your lips getting very dry in the hospital and so I packed extra chapstick. Being a little extra this time, I packed my Tatcha Lip Mask as well- my favorite item for hydrating lips.

I honestly don’t think I will need them as unlikely milk will have come in to the point of leaking during my stay, but I did pack Lansinoh Nursing pads just in case and also the nipple balm I used while breastfeeding from Earth Mama.

For baby:

We did not put Nicholas into any clothes until we put him in his “going home” outfit before we left the hospital. Because of this I’m keeping the number of items I bring for baby brother to a minimum. I’m packing him a going home outfit, including a side snap undershirt to protect the umbilical cord area and  a cute blanket and matching hat from Monica & Andy for some special photos.

To capture the memories:

I am packing my “real” camera thinking I’ll get some good newborn shots of the baby, but we will see as most of the photos I took in the hospital last time were with my phone. Speaking of phones, it is worth it to have an extra long phone charger– this was advice I got last time again from our L&D class, but having a phone charger with an extra long cord was so helpful because you have no idea where the outlets are going to be in your recovery room. I’m also bringing a new “One Line A Day” journal to the hospital. I started a journal for Nicholas on the day he was born and I’m going to do the same for baby brother. I love the line a day journal because it is easy to maintain going forward, Even if you don’t see yourself keeping a journal, I’d definitely recommend writing down some of your feelings in the first days with your newborn!

The Covid-19 Factor

I debated with titling this post what I’m packing in my hospital bag during a pandemic as I am going to be delivering during the COVID-19 pandemic, but really this doesn’t change too much of what I’m packing. The hospital I am going to deliver at is only keeping mothers and babies for 24 hours assuming no complications due to the pandemic. If this was not the case, I would probably pack one additional pair of pajamas if I was planning on a 36-48 hour stay. Another difference from our first postpartum hospital experience is that you or your support person cannot leave the hospital and return once you are there.  Obviously I didn’t leave the last time, but MJD did leave to get us food, coffee, etc. and won’t be able to do that this time. Because of this we are definitely planning to bring more snacks than I did during Nicholas’ birth (I think I maybe brought two granola bars then 🙂 ).

If you are reading this I assume you are getting ready to pack your own hospital bag- sending you lots of love going in to your delivery!

xoxo, Jenna

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