My Favorite Reads From 2020

Nothing says 2020 like getting a year end recap post up a month into the new year 🙂 When I went back and took a look at all the books I read, I actually was surprised by how many books I read in 2020. The year almost felt like two or three different years with everything going on in the world and within our family- I kind of forgot some of the books I read early on were even from the same year 😉  If you’ve read any of these books, I’d love to hear your thoughts and also want to hear your favorites from the year to add to my “to be read” list too!

My Top Three- My “Overall” Favorite Books Read in 2020

Last year when I shared my favorite books read in 2019 I had three overall favorites. Well as I was going back through my list of books read this year I couldn’t really narrow it down from these three so I guess having a top three is going to be my new thing!

The Dutch House– In Ann Patchett’s latest, the story spans over fifty years and is narrated by Danny, the son of Cyril Conroy who purchases a lavish, but unique estate outside of Philadelphia called The Dutch House. Danny and his older and very protective sister Maeve’s worlds are forever changed when their father remarries a much younger woman Andrea with two kids of her own. No matter where life takes them, Danny and Maeve’s bond is unbreakable, but so are their deep ties to the childhood home they once had, The Dutch House. If audio books are more your thing, this one is read by Tom Hanks which I heard is amazing.

Writers & Lovers– Casey is an aspiring novelist who is a waitress at a fancy restaurant in Cambridge to make ends meet while living in a garage of one of her brother’s friends in Boston. Despite most of her creative writing friends having moved on from their writing dreams, she has been working on her novel for the past six years. Through the book you get to see Casey as a writer and a lover and experience life alongside her. This was a highly anticipated book for 2020 and it lived up to the hype and then some for me!

The Seven Husbands of Evelyn Hugo– I feel a bit strange including this on my 2020 list because this book was released in 2018, but I’m going off of what year I read the book in not when published for this list 🙂 An aspiring author, Monique is personally invited by former mega movie star Evelyn Hugo to write her life story. The story goes back and forth between present day and Monique interviewing Evelyn and the story of Evelyn’s life including her rise to fame and her seven failed marriages. Through out the interviews, Evelyn reveals her one true love to Monique. All the while Monique is wondering why Evelyn would ask for her personally. Couldn’t put this book down! Daisy Jones & The Six which was also written by Taylor Jenkins Reid was one of my favorites in 2019- makes me even more excited for her 2021 release to come!

My Favorite Memoir

Open Book– Admittedly I did not read a lot of memoirs last year, but I had to find a way to mention Open Book, Jessica Simpson’s autobiography in this book round up! While it’s obviously not the most intelectually stimulating read, I was completely sucked in to this from page 1. Jessica shares all about her rise to fame, what it was like being a teenage star, the pressure from record labels and behind the scenes of some of her most famous moments. I totally felt like I was getting special access to things as she spilled deets on her marriage to Nick Lachey and relationship with John Mayer. If you like pop culture, this memoir is a must read!

My Favorite Love Story

Evie Drake Starts Over– This book is so CUTE- has to be said in capital letters it is that cute. While it is very cute and sweet, it is also well written making me love Evie Drake Starts Over even more. The title character Evie Drake is recent a widow- her high school sweetheart husband was a beloved doctor in the coastal Maine town they both grew up in. Dean Tenney is a professional baseball player who mysteriously lost his ability to pitch. At the suggestion of their mutual best friend, Andy, Dean comes to Maine to rent an apartment from Evie. Dealing with their two different but significant losses, Evie and Dean start a friendship which turns in to more.

My Favorite Thriller

The Hunting Party– A group of college friends who always celebrate New Years Eve together take a trip to a private hunting estate to celebrate. On New Year’s Day, they discover one of their friends has been murdered. A massive blizzard leaves them stranded and cut off from the outside world as they try to figure out which of their own did it. Lucy Foley’s latest, The Guest List is sitting on my nightstand waiting to be read soon too!

What were your favorite books that you read in 2020? Would love to hear!

xoxo, Jenna

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