Spring Face Mask Refresh

Masks: J.Crew Factory

If you asked me before March of 2020 what a post about spring face masks would be about, I would have for sure thought it would be about skincare… but here we are a year into a global pandemic and when we refer to face masks I think we all are referring to the masks we are wearing to keep ourselves and others healthy and safe. One of the first things I bought for my spring wardrobe this year was a bunch of new face masks. While shopping for some new masks, I made a list of all the ones I thought that were cute for spring in case you are looking for something new as well. Since we all should be wearing our masks right now, this is a fun way I think to show off a little bit of spring! Plus we know in New England the weather makes it unpredictable on when you can wear your spring clothing… so a spring mask is a perfect accessory to add!

Floral Masks

Preppy Patterned Masks

I personally haven’t tried all of these, but of the ones I have tried I love the fit of the ones from Draper James (really fit my face well) and the masks from Old Navy are adjustable behind the ears which makes them fit both me and my husband. While the patterns on the J.Crew Factory masks are some of my favorites, the masks are a bit big for my face- either I tie the straps or I wear this as a top mask when double masking. They work much better for me if they have another layer underneath to hold on to.

Have you found a favorite spot to buy masks over this past year? Would love to hear!

xoxo, Jenna

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