Mudroom Renovation and Half Bath Addition Inspiration

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We are currently in the midst of our biggest home project for this year- renovating our mudroom and adding a half bath off of the mudroom! I really cannot wait for this project to be done (especially since we are more than a few weeks into it at this point!) as I can’t stop thinking about how awesome it is going to be for our family. I love seeing the inspiration behind other people’s spaces as well as the before and afters, so thought I’d share a little bit about our inspiration for this project a “befores”.

We were very lucky in that our house did have a mudroom already so we didn’t need to add it on- our project is a renovation of the existing space, with some slight changes to the wall placement. The mudroom was the one part of our house that bothered MJD since we bought it. It was usable space, but it was just older and had a lot of open shelving so it became a catch all for things and wasn’t overly organized. After being in our house for just one summer, we also had an idea to add a half bath off of the mudroom. While we didn’t do too much entertaining last summer between having a newborn and Covid, the few times we did have friends or family over to go swimming in our pool, they would need to walk through our house to use the bathroom. As our mudroom is a walk through space from our driveway out to the patio and backyard, it was the perfect place to add a half bath as our “pool” bathroom. While I started off thinking of it as a pool bath, I am now seeing just how convenient this bathroom addition will be as our kids get older. Hopefully if they are playing outside they will just go directly into that bathroom and being connected to the mudroom, we won’t care at all how dirty their shoes are (and I won’t have to yell at them to take them off for a quick bathroom break!). To add the bathroom, we carved out some space from our garage so while it isn’t adding to our overall footprint, it did require a lot of behind the scenes work with getting plumbing set up as it wasn’t really in that area of the house before!

My goal for both the mudroom and the half bath was something simple and classic, but very functional as that really is the reason for our renovation! Here are some of the inspiration pictures I used when dreaming up our updated space!


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Functionality is most important for us in the mudroom so cubby space for baskets and hooks were a must. We also picked open cubbies for shoes because we thought we would be able to fit more that way.

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A design aspect we both loved during our planning phase was a herringbone floor! I love ours 🙂


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We wanted our benches to be stained a darker color like the one in this picture to coordinate with our carved wood doors into our home.

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Our mudroom flows into our kitchen and with some beadboard in that room, we thought using beadboard as part of the storage design would help make the two rooms flow together nicely. I also decided on the triple hooks like shown in this picture for our coat hooks- I obviously haven’t used them yet, but thought it was a good idea to have just a little extra hanging space.

Okay and until I can show you a full before and after… here is a before shot to give you a little idea!

xoxo, Jenna

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