Back To School Books For Toddlers

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Last fall as Nicholas was preparing to start at his first school (a 2 year old program two half days a week) I asked for suggestions of favorite books talking about school on my Instagram stories. We spend a lot of time reading in our house and I knew that sharing books with the topic of school would be helpful to prepare him. If your little one is getting ready to start school for the first time this year, starting a new preschool (that’s us this year!) or feeling hesitant about leaving mom after a summer together (also us 🙂 ), these are some of the books we’ve read and loved in the past. I find for the goodbye preparations and getting him ready for being dropped off the super tactical books telling the story of what is going to happen like Bye Bye Time, The Kissing Hand and I’m Going To Preschool are helpful. When we would do drop off in the first few weeks I’d mention the books and remind him that just like in the books, mommy (or daddy or whoever is picking up!) will always come back to get him. Some of the other books, like Time for School, Little Blue Truck and Choo Choo School, are about school in general and include a few of his fave things (trucks and trains!) so just makes school seem more fun and exciting. With school starting in a few weeks, we’ve been reading a bunch of these again and talking about his new school a bit more to get him ready.

Do you have any favorite back to school/starting school books you’ve read with your toddlers? Would love some new recommendations!

xoxo, Jenna

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