Friday Five- March 11, 2022

Hello Friday! This has been a long week because for whatever reason the boys have been waking up super early in the morning- it’s been throwing off my whole morning routine so I keep feeling like I’m behind before the day even starts. Ugh, hate that! Based on the number of convos I’ve had with other parents on Instagram, it seems like we aren’t alone so maybe it is just a weird kid thing right now. I do know I’m looking forward to the weekend though! I have book/wine club and we have plans to see some friends so that will be fun!

Cook This Book Cookbook by Molly Baz– I’ve been seeing this cookbook mentioned all over Instagram since the holidays, but I finally ordered it a few weeks ago. I haven’t bought a new cookbook in ages so it was a fun change of pace to flip through the pages and plan some meals! I’ve only made two recipes so far and both have been fantastic! Can’t wait to use it more!

Tuckernuck Puff Sleeve T-Shirt Dress– I’m shopping for a few things from an upcoming trip in April and keep going back to Tuckernuck’s dress selection. They have so many amazing options right now! This t-shirt like dress with puff sleeves seems easy but cute for everyday mom life. I love a dress and sneakers look!

Target Moss Bunnies- Unfortunately can’t link them, but the Target Moss bunnies are back at the Bullseye’s Playground/Dollar Section in the front of the store. I think these are such an easy way to add some spring and Easter decor in your home and they look good for the price! I shared a reel this week with a few of the ways I’m using them in our house too. PSA- they do shed lightly, but it is easy to clean up and in my opinion not a big deal (it isn’t like glitter which you find months later 😉 ).

Olive & June The Poppy Polish Attachment- I’m not a big do your nails at home person, never have been, but if I really need to do them at home like I did this week, The Poppy from Olive & June is a must have item! It is a little attachment that pops on top of your nail polish brush and makes it a lot easier to hold especially with your non-dominant hand. Even though it makes it easier, please don’t look too closely at my at-home mani… it’s only looks good from far away haha, but much better than if I didn’t have The Poppy!

Lovevery Play Kit– Lovevery gifted us with a playkit for Peter recently and we both absolutely love it! I’ve thought about purchasing it myself several times, but was wondering if it was worth it. Personally the answer is very much yes! The toys are high quality and thoughtful about developmentally what your child is focusing on based on their age. They also aren’t annoying toys with noises, lights and all that stuff parents aren’t usually too fond of. I am planning on purchasing more myself and as gifts for my kids!

Hope you have a fabulous week!

xoxo, Jenna

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