My Favorite Summer Hats for Toddler and Preschool Boys

Since my oldest child was born, I’ve been a bit of a fanatic about having him wear a hat on a sunny day. Maybe it is my own internal wish that I protected my skin more from the sun when I was younger (ugh, wrinkles!), but I’m all about it! There are a few brands I’ve come back to year after year and as many of us are probably starting to purchase summer items for our kids, wanted to share!

For beach or pool days- CooliBar: These hats are the best for the beach or pool days because they dry easily if they get wet, but have great sun protection. For the younger ages, we really like the bucket hat which has a velcro strap to help it stay on. For older kids, I love the sport hat because it has protection for the back of their neck as well!

For the littlest ones- Flap Happy: For the under two year old crew, I loved the FlapHappy hats and these were some of the first hats Nicholas wore as a May baby and then Peter being born in June. For the younger ages, they do have a version that comes with ties. I love the color and pattern variety- the chambray and blue seersucker were our favorites- plus the ability to block sun from their neck, ears and face is key! The Flap Happy flap sun hat material is very light weight too which is great for hot summer days!

For a more fashionable look- Harding Lane and Gells: As my kids are getting older they are definitely getting into what things are on their clothing, whether that is their favorite character or their favorite vehicle 🙂 I love the hats from Harding Lane and Gells because there are so many cute needlepoint hats to choose from that can fit their interests. These are our everyday backyard hats and I love that the needlepoint makes them a bit more special.

Here’s to sunny days arriving in New England very soon!

xoxo, Jenna

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