What I Read- December 2022

Happy New Year everyone! December’s come and gone- with two physical books and two audiobooks, I’ll take that as a win as this month is usually very busy with holiday events and prep! I’m an audiobook convert over the last year and listening to audiobooks while getting some chores done around the house gives me a reason to look forward to certain things, like folding laundry 😉

Here’s what I read this month- and if reading is your thing, stay tuned for a post coming soon with my favorite books I read in 2022! What was your favorite book you read this month?

When We Were Bright and Beautiful– The book opens up with Cassie rushing home to join her uber wealthy family in Manhattan after her brother, Billy was accused of rape by his former girlfriend. The family is all in agreement that Billy could never have done it and begin working with top lawyers on his defense. Throughout it all, Cassie is struggling with her own relationship with her (adopted) family and her love life. I had completely different expectations for this book than where it ended up and can see why I had seen mixed reviews on it. It was an addicting read- I couldn’t stop reading it- but it has a lot going on (major trigger warnings for rape/sexual assault!) and is dark, so be sure you are in the right mental place to read this if it sounds interesting to you

This Time Tomorrow– This book… wow! Loved this one! My favorite Emma Straub book I’ve read for certain! On the night of her 40th birthday, Alice visits an old favorite bar after dinner with a friend and decides to pay a visit to her childhood home on the walk home. The next morning when she wakes up, Alice isn’t 40 anymore, she is 16! Her father, who in current times is ailing and hospitalized, is healthy and with her knowledge of her future life, she’s instantly thinking about what she would do differently with her father, her friends, her high school boyfriend. This Time Tomorrow is beautifully written, made me happy, sad and was so poignant about the relationships with those most important to you. 100% recommend this book!

Friends, Lovers And The Big Terrible Thing– Matthew Perry narrates his memoir telling his life story from his childhood in Canada to his move to California with his actor father to landing his dream role on Friends at 24. Despite his success and fame (the thing he thought he really wanted), Matthew is crippled by addiction and details his battle with both alcohol and pills. Many of the stories were very shocking and upsetting, but in his way, Matthew also makes you laugh and smile during much of the book. I much prefer listening to memoirs like this, but some friends mentioned they were distracted by his slurred speech (I think a side effect of many years of drug use), but it personally did not bother me.

My Travels With Mrs. Kennedy– Clint Hill was Jackie Kennedy’s Secret Service agent during her time in the White House and during the immediate years following her husband’s death. My Travels With Mrs. Kennedy starts with Clint clearing out his home and finding many items from his trips with Jackie over the years, including never before seen photos which are published in the book or shared in a PDF on Audible! I thought this was a great and informative audiobook if you are interested in learning more about Jackie- I learned a lot and truly didn’t know how impactful she was in her diplomatic role for the presidency and country prior.

What was your favorite read in December? If you live in the Boston area, the picture above is from the beautiful Beacon Hill Books & Cafe- definitely recommend a visit if you can!

xoxo, Jenna

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