Unboxing Lovevery’s The Investigator Play Kit

My kids and I both love the Lovevery Play Kits! Before receiving our first one, I had wondered if the play kits were worth it, but after we opened our first kit I was totally sold! The toys are high quality and aligned with the developmental stages at your child’s age to ensure they are getting the most out of playing with their toys. My kids often play with the toys from prior play kits beyond the age they are designed for and I love seeing the new ways they choose to use their toys!

Peter was recently gifted The Investigator Play Kit which is designed for children ages 31, 32 and 33 months. If you have a child a similar age or are just interested in learning more about the Lovevery play kits, I thought I’d share what is inside this kit! For this age group, the toys in the box are helping with building concentration and memory, gross motor skills such as jumping, pattern making and cause and effect.

Match & Tap Hammer Box- Your little one can hammer or push in the colored pegs in a pattern based off of cards with matching colors.

Twist & Pivot Pattern Puzzle- This is not your typical stacking toy! The rings twist on and off encouraging your little one to figure out which direction to turn each piece to make it work.

Things That Move Memory Game- A favorite in our house! This is a memory game of vehicles which your little one can play with on their own or with you. You can flip the pieces right side up or facing down to change the level of difficulty.

Jump-In Hoops and Bean Bags- Matching colored hoops and bean bags can be used in many different ways- for jumping and throwing while color matching.

The Play Date Board Book- The board books in Lovevery kits are fantastic! This is a great one if you are preparing for a play date. I love how their books show real life examples to your children.

Countdown Clock- I’m sure I’m not the only parent that was to use a timer to help with transitions. This is a colorful timer so your little one can see just how much time is left.

In addition to the toys and book included in the play kits, as a parent, I love the play guide included with each kit. It gives me ideas of different ways to play with the items to continue getting use out of them over time.

Have any questions about Lovevery play kits in general or this specific one? Let me know!

xoxo, Jenna

I received this Lovevery Play Kit as a gift from Lovevery, but have previously purchased items in the past. This post contains affiliate links and I may receive a small commission at no cost to you by shopping through Boston Chic Party. Thank you!

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