The Product You Must Buy If You Are Painting Your Home

One of the hardest interior design decisions for me in the past has been selecting paint colors. Before we started redecorating some of the rooms in our home, I truly had no idea that paint could vary so much from room to room and even within the same room based on the natural lighting and the undertones of the paint. Before we started our recent living room project, I knew I was going to use a new-to-me product a friend who is an interior designer recommended to help select our paint colors- Samplize.

Samplize is literally the most genius product if you are painting your home! Samplize provides reusable peel & stick paint samples from popular brands so you can test out colors in your home and move them around from wall to wall to check them out in different lighting and easily compare to each other without creating a sample board or buying multiple sample cans of paint. The paint samples from Samplize are made with two coats of the exact paint which makes them much closer to a finished look than what you would get from patch testing on your own. I also loved that I could hold up furniture samples for our updated living room to the paint samples as well to get a better vision of the room.

The whole process with Samplize was super easy- once you pick your colors on their website, they overnight them to you so you can get right into decision making! When I purchased they had a promotion to buy 8 sticker samples and get 2 free, so obviously I did that to make my decision making harder with more choices ;). I’ll definitely be using Samplize again in the future!

Do you struggle with picking paint colors too? Have you ever heard of Samplize or tried it yourself? Would love to hear your thoughts!

xoxo, Jenna


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