What I Read- March 2023

Happy April! This week we started seeing some signs of spring here in New England and I am SO ready for it! March went by pretty fast I feel like for me which is good because some years it is the longest month of the year :). I read four books this month and that seems to be my go-to number the last few months. When I set out to write this post, I was convinced I had read more than four books and feeling disappointed which is so silly as four is an accomplishment in itself! If you are a fellow busy mom putting pressure on yourself to do more, just a reminder that what you are doing is enough! I truly enjoyed all the books I read this month, but if I was forced to only recommend one, I would pick Maame! It is a beautiful book (read more about it below) that is a debut novel from an amazing new author, Jessica George. I hope you’ll add it to the top of your TBR (to be read) list!

Here’s what I read in March! (Ps- looking for more book reviews? You can find them here!)

Counterfeit– This book was a total page turner and a fun read, especially if you are into luxury handbags.Ava has always played it safe, but recently her life is a bit of a mess- her husband is working and living in another city, she isn’t practicing law and her toddler’s tantrums have become increasingly difficult. When Ava is reunited with her former college roommate¬† Winnie after many years, she ends up becoming part of her counterfeit luxury handbag scheme in a moment of desperation and becomes more entangled than she could have ever predicted.

Kingdom Of Prep: The Inside Story Of The Rise and (Near) Fall of J.Crew– Listened to this book on audio and I was totally hooked! A great listen for anyone who is interested in the retail space, likes to shop at J.Crew or any place remotely preppy. Fashion Journalist Maggie Bullock tells J.Crew’s origin story from catalogue to the Michelle Obama-era peak introducing us to the founders, Arthur Cinader and his daughter, Emily and of course the names we know and associate with J.Crew, Mickey Drexler and Jenna Lyons. It was an especially interesting listen with J.Crew now celebrating its 40th anniversary and showcasing a lot of their vintage styles, I almost wish it could have an epilogue on the current company with Olympia as the head women’s designer as it feels like there is a bit of a resurgence happening. A great listen all around!

Stone Cold Fox– After years of watching her mother swindle and marry men for their money and being groomed by her, Bea has set out on her own path away from her mother and is determined to get what she deserves. Which is to marry the richest man she can get. Bea sets her eyes on Colin Case- think uber rich, WASPy, Newport mansion level rich. Along the way she faces challenges from Colin’s family and best friend, Gale as she is an unknown, but Bea keeps her eyes on the prize. I’m trying hard not to give anything away writing this summary, but I don’t think I’m making this book sound as awesome as it was! I’d call this book “thriller light” which to me means a page turner without scary stuff which is what I prefer. Stone Cold Fox was a total page turner and I was fully addicted to it during the week I read it!

Maame– Maame is a recent Read With Jenna Book Club pick and I’m thinking maybe I’ll just pretend that is my book club and not Jenna Bush Hagar’s as I loved this book so much! Maddie’s life in London is not what she hoped for as a 25 year old-her mother is in Ghana much of the year leaving her as the primary caretaker for her father who has advanced stage Parkinson’s, her work life is unfulfilling with a nightmare boss, she is tired of being the only black person at work and her dating life is non-existent. When her mom returns from her latest trip from Ghana, Maddie jumps at the chance to begin living her life- she moves out into a flat with new roommates and makes a list of things the “new Maddie” is going to do, including go out with friends and date. Unfortunately tragedy strikes and Maddie is forced to face some truths about her family that she has kept secret. This is a coming of age story, but a novel about self love, friendship, grief and how complicated familial love can be. I absolutely loved Maddie and was rooting for her the entire book! I hope you will too!

What did you read last month? Anything to recommend?

xoxo, Jenna

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