What I Read- September and October 2023

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A double month reading recap- which basically just means I forgot to post this in September ;), All good though because October has been a bit of a whirlwind and I did not do much reading. I did get the chance to read an upcoming release from Kristen Hannah who I LOVE and is a must buy author for me- definitely keep your eyes out for The Women coming in 2024!

Reign– The final book in the American Royals series, Reign did not disappoint! I loved this series and was so happy with how Katharine McGee tied it together at the end. If you haven’t read the series, it is the story of the modern day American Royal Family if George Washington had become king instead of President. I’m not going to write a recap just in case you haven’t read the series, but it is a great read for any royal lovers!

XOXO Cody: An Opinionated Homosexual’s Guide to Self-Love, Relationships, and Tactful Pettiness – Cody is my favorite Peloton instructor just because I could listen to him talk all day. Listening to his audiobook was great because I felt like I could just go for a walk and it was like I was on a walk with him. Cody definitely shared a lot about his life pre-Peloton, growing up poor in North Carolina and struggling with coming out in a small town. The book was fun, flirty and flouncy as Cody says, but it didn’t shy away from the tough things in life. My biggest takeaway was how hard Cody works and has since a young age to help support his mother! Definitely recommend the audio version if you are a Cody fan.

Yellowface– June Hayward and Athena Liu attended Yale together both with dreams of becoming a writer, but only Athena ends up as a successful author while June’s book barely gets any recognition. One night June meets up with Athena for drinks to celebrate another one of her successes and after a freak accident, June watches Athena die. In that moment, she decides to steal her unpublished novel from her apartment and edits it and submits it as her own to her publisher. When June’s “book” becomes a best seller, things get twisty with June unable to shake what she did and her paranoia taking over. June is a totally unreliable (and pretty unlikeable) narrator so it is a little hard to know what is really happening and what isn’t… I’d call this book a thriller, but it isn’t a scary one, so thriller lite I like to call it.

Astor: The Rise and Fall of an American Fortune– After loving Anderson Cooper’s Vanderbilt, I wanted to give Astor a try as I find the Gilded Age families so interesting! The Astor family story was so interesting-to their fur trade ventures that shaped America and New York real estate to Mrs. Astor’s role literally running Gilded Age New York society. I listened to this on audio and really enjoyed it- if you like the show the Gilded Age, I would recommend it! I think I enjoyed the Vanderbilt book more, but since it is non-fiction it isn’t about the writing style, it is just that those stories stayed with me more I think.

The Women- I felt so lucky to get an advance reader digital copy of Kristin Hannah’s upcoming release, The Women. The Women tells the story of Frances McGrath- after her brother enlists in the Navy and is sent to Vietnam, Frankie decides to use her nursing degree and enlists as an Army nurse. Frankie is completely unprepared for what she encounters when she arrives in Vietnam, but she meets two other nurses who she bonds with closely. When Frankie comes home a few years later, she is once again unprepared- for the society that is divided on the war, for the PTSD she brings home and for her family’s disappointment. I really like historical fiction and feel I’ve read so many books about WWI and WWII and reading about the Vietnam War was a bit of a new experience for me- I had so many feelings for Frankie, the women who served and veterans at that time in general. This is another powerful book by Kristin Hannah- def add it to your list, coming out in February 2024!

The Woman In Me- Just like probably everyone else you know, I had to read/listen to Britney’s book as soon as it came out! I will never “rate” a memoir because it is a person’s story and I feel like Britney is brave to share any of her trauma in general. I wish she went into a bit more detail, but I wouldn’t miss reading it and I feel like there was more to it than just what you saw in the headlines. If you are a Britney or pop culture fan, I think you should read it! While I was disappointed but not surprised she didn’t read the audiobook, I thought Michelle Williams reading it was great!

Have you read any of these books as well? What did you think?

xoxo, Jenna

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