What I Read, January 2024

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I know many of us make goals at the start of a new year. I don’t usually make number goals for a certain number of books to read, but for this year I want to try to read more of the books sitting in my TBR (to be read) pile on my nightstand before buying a new book. I kind of failed in January because the hype around First Lie Wins on Instagram caused me to buy it- it was a Reese’s Book club pick and featured by a few of my favorite bookstagrammers, Jordy’s Book Club and Beach Reads & Bubbly. But let’s hope I can clear a few from my pile in February 😉 Do you have any reading goals for the new year?

Hello Beautiful– This was a beautiful story- a story of family and love- a homage of sorts to Little Women with four sisters as main characters. William Walters’ childhood was very solitary after his sister passed away while he was a newborn. His only solace was playing basketball. He moved to Chicago to attend school and play basketball at Northwestern. While there, he met Julia, an ambitious young woman who has dreams of making a life for herself and is searching for a partner to do it with. Julia sets her sights on William for this. She is one of four sisters and their family and the sisters, Slyvie, Cecilia and Emmeline become the family William never had. Shortly after William and Julia are married, they have their first child and then a deep sadness that has been inside of William opens up. This book is a definite tear jerker so read if you are in the mental space for that!

Come & Get It– The new release from Kiley Reid (who wrote Such a Fun Age) is a look at college dorm life with a twist. Agatha is a professor and author who recently took a position at a Southern school while working on a new book. Agatha meets Millie, a black Resident Advisor when she enlists her help in interviewing students in the dorm. After her first evening, Agatha decides to change her work and becomes obsessed with listening into the mundane conversations happening amongst the girls on the dorm floor. Meanwhile Millie has developed a crush on Agatha as she hides in her dorm room to eavesdrop. Like Such A Fun Age, the novel is trying to make a statement on more- power relationships, money, race. While I did enjoy Such A Fun Age more, I really enjoyed reading Come & Get It and was excited to read it each night. There are a lot of characters in this book so just something to keep in mind is a reading pet peeve. Thank you to Net Galley for the advanced electronic reader copy of this book- the book released on January 30, 2024.

First Lie Wins– This book is in the category of book I like to call a “thriller light” because it is twisty and turny, but not so much that I’ll be scared or can’t sleep. Evie Porter’s handsome new boyfriend just asked her to move in with him. The thing is Evie doesn’t really exist- this is a fake name her boss gave her and her boyfriend is a mark she has been watching for weeks before she planned a fake flat tire. Things seem to be going smoothly with her job until someone arrives in town using her real name and Evie starts to question what she is doing and who she works for. This book kept me guessing and I was very into it- I wasn’t the biggest fan of the ending, but I still loved the book.

What I Listened To- Audiobooks of the Month:

The Art Thief: A True Story of Love, Crime and a Dangerous Obsession– Whoa, was this a wild ride! This is a great audio book if you are looking for something that reads like a story. The story of The Art Thief is of Stephane Breitwieser., the most prolific art thief in history who steals priceless works of art based on what speaks to him and in the middle of the day in museums. Stephane is in his words an art lover and collector who adorns his attic bedroom shared with his girlfriend at his mother’s house with pieces he has stolen from all over Europe. Honestly this story was so shocking and crazy to me, I couldn’t believe someone would do this or could get away with it. It was a fascinating book to listen to.

Love, Pamela– I’m a little late to the game with reading Pamela Anderson’s memoir, but I wanted a celebrity memoir as a palette cleanser this month and remembered hearing a lot of good things about this so gave it a try. I found Pamela’s story interesting, sad, beautiful, but most of all I was surprised by her and so many of the things she has done especially when it comes to activism for the causes she supports. I probably didn’t know too much about her besides the highlights before listening and ended the book feeling like the media treated her horribly and pleasantly surprised with how connected I felt listening to Pamela. PS- If you like reading celebrity memoirs, I want to recommend the podcast Celebrity Memoir Book Club. The episodes can be long- they are trying to give the highlights of the book so could be a way to just get the highlights without reading the whole thing or as a good add on when you finish and want to feel like you are “talking” to a friend about the book.

Have you read any of these books? What book that you recently read would you recommend next?

xoxo, Jenna

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