What I Read, February 2024

We finished our February relaxing in Little Palm Island, a tiny private island resort in the Keys. It was so quiet, relaxing and the perfect place to finish my last book of February (Diva by Daisy Goodwin). This month I read 5 books (three physical and two mostly audio). My favorite of the month if forced to pick would be One In A Millennial by Kate Kennedy- this book should be required reading (or listening which is mostly what I did) for my fellow millennials. If someone has ever made you feel like the things you liked were “basic”, as Kate says just remember not to take criticism from people who draft fake football teams 😉 Here is everything I read in February with mini-reviews of each! I’d love to hear what you read recently and any recommendations.

When in Rome– a cute but not overly spicy romance! When a famous pop star wants to escape the pressure of life she decides to go to Rome, Kentucky after her favorite movie Roman Holiday. On the way there, her car breaks down outside of Noah’s house- a grumpy, but super attractive townie who owns a pie shop. This is a grumpy meets sunshine and famous person meets non-famous person romance if you like those tropes!

The Mystery Guest– I loved The Maid so when I saw the sequel available at the library I had to grab it. Molly the maid is back and there is another death at the hotel- this time it is a famous mystery author who is there to make a big announcement and winds up dead before he can finish. The book goes between present day and the past as Molly’s grandmother worked at the author’s estate when Molly was a child. I had seen a lot of mixed reviews on this and while I liked The Maid better, I thought this was still a great and quick read. If you liked Molly in the first book you’d be happy to reconnect with her like I was!

Diva- I received a copy of this book from St. Martin’s Press in advance of release, but just got to read it this month (it was published in January). Diva is the story of Maria Callas, the most famous opera singer of the 50s and 60s who meets and begins a romance with Aristotle Onassis. Maria has been dating Ari for years when she suddenly finds out he is marrying Jackie Kennedy. I knew nothing about Maria and this love story, but it was a beautifully written book that broke your heart for Maria. The description of her clothing was amazing too! Would recommend if you are a fan of historical fiction, liked The Seven Husbands of Evelyn Hugo or watching The Swans.

What I Listened To- Audiobooks of the month:

One in a Millennial– As a millennial, I couldn’t wait to get my hands on Kate’s book! From American Girl doll phase to pretending to be the Spice Girls to the college going out top era, Kate put so many of my (and probably your) millennial experiences into words. I laughed and cried and definitely related to Kate’s stories of growing up as a millennial woman.

Good Inside– I’ve followed Dr. Becky on Instagram for quite a while so had her book on my list to read. It is full of actionable parenting advice and I was so grateful for the examples and scripts she provided. I went between the audio and physical book to have a copy to refer to. I’ll say the audiobook had some moments where I felt like I was in a therapy session with Dr Becky in a good way. When she stated you are a good parent over and over, I definitely teared up and the audio felt very worthwhile in that way for me.

Have we read any of the same books recently? Would love to hear any recent book recs from you too!

xoxo, Jenna



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