What I Read, April 2024

In April I read four fantastic books- three were from authors I love to read and the fourth was a powerful memoir that I’d highly recommend. I didn’t listen to any audiobooks this month and I am personally blaming Beyonce and Taylor Swift for the decline in audiobook listening as I’ve been listening to their new albums nonstop instead đŸ™‚ What did you read in April? I’d love to hear any favorites!

Expiration DatesI always like Rebecca Serle’s books so after seeing good reviews about Expiration Dates I was excited to read it. Every time Daphne meets a new romantic interest she receives a mysterious note (she believes it is from “The Universe) predicting the length of her relationship- a weekend, a few months, years. Before a blind date, she receives a note without any date on it. This was such a great story and if you’ve liked Rebecca’s prior books, you won’t be disappointed by this one! I absolutely loved the ending!

The Many Lives of Mama Love My godmother is someone I highly trust for book recs and she had recommended this memoir which is also an Oprah’s Book Club pick. Soccer mom Lara Love had been hiding a secret- her and her husband were heroin addicts and she’d do anything to get their next fix including steal neighbors’ credit cards. The book starts with Lara being arrested in her cul-de-sac home and her 3 year old son watching. Lara is convicted of 32 felonies and so begins her story as “Mama Love” as she is called  by her fellow inmates. This is such a powerful book, eye opening about the justice system for me and also can be hard to read as a mother. I read a physical copy, but I’d be interested to how the audio is!

Funny Story If Emily Henry has a new book, I’m going to buy it! I flew through Funny Story in just a few days and it is definitely in my Top 3 Emily Henry books. Daphne is engaged to Peter until on the night of his bachelor party he decides he is in love with his longtime family friend, Petra. Daphne having moved to the lakeside town in Michigan for Peter is left without a place to live and without any friends. Out of convenience, she moves in with Petra’s ex, Miles. There are lots of great romance tropes in this book- forced proximity as roommates and fake dating as Daphne pretends to be dating Miles to make Peter jealous. I loved Daphne and Miles and their banter!

The Castaways In anticipation of Elin’s final Nantucket novel coming out in June, I’m trying to read her two books she said would “enhance your enjoyment” and started with The Castaways. The Castaways are a group of four couples and best friends. On their anniversary one of these couples, Greg and Tess are killed while sailing to Martha’s Vineyard. There are tons of secrets among all the friends and marriages and this was an enjoyable Elin book if you haven’t read many of her older books.

Have we read any of the same books recently? What should I read next?

xoxo, Jenna

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