Easter Basket Ideas for Toddlers and Babies

I cannot believe how quickly Easter snuck up on me this year! While I’m doing my own shopping for Peter (will be 9 months a week before Easter!) and Nicholas (almost 3), I thought I’d share what I was buying for their baskets and some favorite Easter basket items from years past.

For the under one year old crew:
A seasonally appropriate board book– I always give a new book for holidays 🙂 I’m going with Peter Rabbit for my little Peter.
A teething toy– so many teether options out there, but love this carrot one to be on theme for Easter
A crinkle paper book or Indestructible book– these are more versatile than just a book for reading because it’s a toy for the little ones too. We love this Skiphop one and it has a bunny and lots of spring things that would make it cute for an Easter basket. If you have a baby and haven’t heard of Indestructibles, you must check those out too! They are this amazing paper that literally cannot rip. Always have one of these type of books in my diaper bag.
An O Ball Car the perfect car for smaller hands!
Egg Shakers– these are a great Easter basket idea for both babies and toddlers! Most of the babies under 1 would have missed out on music class or other activities this past year, these are a music class favorite that everyone loves and egg shape makes them Easter appropriate. Peter just started playing with our set and it’s so fun to see him make music with them
A bunny or chick stuffed animal– we love the Jellycat stuffed animals!
Puffs, Cereal or some other “snack”– we just tried Serenity Kids new puffs for so will be adding some of those to Peter’s basket as well!

For the toddlers:
A seasonally appropriate book- again I always start with a book and am thinking of Curious George Spring as he loves George right now.
Bubbles- He loved bubbles last spring and my sister-in-law had given him this bubble toy last year. I’m definitely adding it to his Easter basket this year as he loved it SO much.
Sidewalk Chalk We haven’t done this with Nicholas much yet, but I think he will love it.
Stickers- This set of truck stickers is his favorite and I order them pretty frequently 🙂 We also love the Melissa & Doug reusable sticker pads. If you have a sticker lover, they are great!
A sweet treat or snack- We are definitely going to do an egg hunt. Last year when he was just about to turn two, I filled them with Annie’s Cheddar Bunnies. I probably will do the same this year, plus a little bit of chocolate either in the eggs or cookies in the basket as he now likes those too 🙂

For siblings:
I’m also adding a matching shirt for my boys in their baskets. It would be a great time to add something new for summer!

Need more Easter or Spring Book ideas? Check out my Amazon store for some favorites from our collection plus a few I am looking to add!

xoxo, Jenna

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