How To Make Your Own Outdoor Holiday Planters

The most wonderful time of the year is upon us! Last week I went to my local garden store and picked up some supplies to turn my outdoor planters from fall to winter. Having some greenery on your porch or front stoop is so festive this time of year and makes me happy during the winter months to see a bit of color while the trees are bare!

Creating a holiday planter is relatively easy as you don’t have to actually plant much, you are just taking cut greenery and adding it to your outdoor pots. To make my holiday planters I used bunches of the following:

  • Noble Firs
  • Juniper
  • Boxwood
  • Holly
  • Red Dogwood Branches

To start, you can keep your pot filled with the soil from your prior plantings. I started off by adding the noble firs branches to my pot first as they take up a lot of space and are a good foundation piece. To add the branches, you simply pushing them into the dirt to secure. Like I said, much easier than actual planting as you are basically just sticking in the branches! Next I added the juniper to my pots. I love the hint of color from the juniper berry! I added my boxwood to my planters third- I love the addition of the texture they have and the boxwoods is a great filler to close up any gaps. Then comes the fun and festive part- the holly! You need these or something else like them (winterberry is another option) to add a festive pop of red. The last thing I added was red dogwood branches to the back of my planter for some height and  additional dimension.

Making your own holiday planters is a fun way to spruce up your outside area for the holidays. There aren’t many rules and you can work with what you find at your local garden store- bonus points if you are able to get any clippings from your own backyard! If you are in a cold winter climate like me, your pots should last most of the season- giving you some green during the dreary months. I happen to love when these planters get a dusting of snow. It looks so pretty!

Have you or would you ever make your own holiday planters? I’d love to see pictures of yours if you have! You can also check out a reel of me making my planters below!


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