How To Wear and Buy Non-Maternity Clothes When Pregnant

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Before I dive into this post, I want to start off by saying this- there is no way (in my opinion/experience at least) that you will be able to make it through a full 40 weeks of pregnancy without buying some maternity specific clothing. Maybe it is because of blogging or because I follow a lot of bloggers on Instagram, but I see so many posts from other pregnant gals stating that the items they are wearing are non-maternity. And I know I’ve done this myself too. Often times when I’ve seen those Instagram posts it has left me feeling less than stellar about my pregnancy body. Before getting pregnant I was pretty certain I wouldn’t be one of those teeny tiny pregnant ladies with just a belly- I just know how body is and reacts to weight gain. But here is the thing: what you look like, the size of your clothes, how long you can wear “regular” clothes for, it honestly doesn’t matter- all that matters is that your body is doing the most amazing thing it can by growing a baby and keeping that baby healthy!

I had to start this post by acknowledging that because I would never want to make someone feel any amount of pressure about their body- especially during such a beautiful time as during pregnancy. I’m not saying you shouldn’t buy maternity clothes (again I think you’ll need to regardless of size). What I am saying is that for all the shopoholic gals out there like me who want to shop while they are pregnant, but are worried about getting/spending too much on “maternity” stuff they may not wear again… there are certain items I’ve found that are bump friendly shopping investments that pair perfectly with those maternity basics you do need (like jeans or t-shirts).

Whatever stage of pregnancy you are in- here are my tried and true non-maternity clothing items that are good investments for both during and post-pregnancy:

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Blazers- I’ve worn non-maternity blazers for most of my pregnancy and while they clearly don’t button/cover the bump, who really buttons their blazer anyways? These are a great item to purchase that you can wear again and again both during and after pregnancy. My favorite ways to wear are with a basic maternity tee and maternity jeans or layered over a form fitting dress.

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Tent or Oversized Dresses- The further along in pregnancy you are you may find that dresses are just more comfortable than wearing pants. There are plenty of non-maternity brands that make flowy dresses that can be bump friendly. When shopping for this I would focus on flowy or oversized styles or even looking for dresses that are called “tent” dresses. One thing to note with these- depending on the size of your bump or how long your legs are, a non-maternity dress could become a bit shorter than you intend it to be so just keep an eye out on that if it’s something you are uncomfortable with.

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Stretchy and Form-fitting Dresses- On the opposite side of the spectrum, form-fitting non-maternity dresses can also be your friend while pregnant. Have you ever tried to wear a sweater dress or some other tight fitting dress and felt uncomfortable because your stomach wasn’t 100% flat? Well pregnancy is actually the time to take advantage of it- let that baby bump show by accentuating it with a form fitting dress! My tips for this- make sure the dress doesn’t have any sort of waist definition/empire waist as it’s likely your bump won’t fall in the right place with this. Stretchy materials are best for this so it can grow and stretch as your belly does. It also may be a case where you want to size up one size for comfort as well.

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Open Front Cardigan Sweaters- Similar to blazers, cardigan sweaters that are open in the front are a great layering pieces during pregnancy and I am hoping to keep wearing them as I transition to nursing stage with a nursing tank. I have been wearing this style of sweater non-stop, both on the weekends or as part of my maternity office uniform.

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Shoes and Bags- My Aunt Di always says no matter how much weight you gain or lose, your shoes and bags will always fit! While this is just general good advice from the lady with the best shoe and purse collection I know, it’s especially relevant for all the mamas-to-be out there. I’m someone who likes to treat myself by making a big purchase every once in a while- shoes, purses or other accessories (like jewelry) would definitely be the way to go during pregnancy!

To all the mom’s to be out there- just wanted to say you look BEAUTIFUL today!

xoxo, Jenna

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  1. Biana
    May 4, 2018 / 6:33 am

    I have loved your pregnancy style and I have to say maternity clothes are so comfortable – especially the jeans…why would we not stock up on them LOL! Good luck with the last couple of weeks before baby boy! Can’t wait to see what Baby D looks like! xo,Biana-BlovedBoston

  2. Madgasti
    May 4, 2018 / 6:40 am

    Wonderful that your confidence reminds us all of what is really important. Something often forgotten in the age of image perfectionism.

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